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Divine aesthetics and a leisurely pace of life
This peaceful, master-planned community nestled in the warm and secluded hills just outside the bustling hub of Las Vegas, Nevada, is notorious for being home to folks looking to live lavishly and quietly. Small-town charm and large property luxury make an upbeat and relaxing mix, resulting in an upscale and highly sought-after place to take up residence. Members of this quaint community adore the classic southwestern-style homes with boosted floorplans, high square footage, classic adobe features, and polished, modern finishes. Terra cotta, rustic stones, and sandy hues mix with crystalline glass windows to ensure homes look as breathtaking on the outside as inside. Interiors often focus on high-quality tile and wood floors, high ceilings, and open floor plans. You’ll find many large single-family homes here, usually paired with pruned lawns featuring lush grass or the traditional sandy yards complemented by cacti and other desert-dwelling plants. 
Anthem is ideal for families and folks that wish to take a break or separate from busy city life. The quiet nature of the neighborhood takes the suburb to an elevated level, amplifying it with classic close-knit community vibes. Residential streets are pleasantly calm, mainly focusing on showcasing the amazing properties within the community. 

What to Love

  • Friendly neighbors
  • Beautiful surroundings and views 
  • Neighborhood amenities and fun 
  • Proximity to local attractions 
  • Outdoor activities centered around the local terrain
  • Access to the Anthem Country Club

Local Lifestyle

Anthem is a consistently serene suburban residential area. Families, those seeking tranquility, and their four-legged friends adore the area because of its quiet and adaptable space. It’s not uncommon to peruse the streets to stretch your legs and enjoy the fresh air. Noises are generally limited to laughter and the sounds of children playing outside. Life in the area is consistently leisurely, with people causally coming and going throughout the mornings and afternoons. Seeing your neighbors will almost always warrant a goodbye or hello since relationships within the community are usually close-knit. Neighbors tend to be friends, and local kids often spend time playing together. Evenings are near silent and very peaceful, perfect for recharging and resting. 

Dining, Entertainment & Shopping

Spending time outside is a favorite pastime for Anthem locals. Golf, dining, fitness, and leisurely hangouts are often enjoyed at the Anthem Country Club. Members of the club revel in the high-end amenities the club offers, focusing on the golf course. Golfing options include junior golf, professional golf, and even training camps for junior golfers. 
Avid golfers alternate between the classic courses of the country club and more eclectic courses at the Revere Golf Club. The courses here are built on rolling hills and feature interestingly shaped ditches and putts for expert golfers to enjoy a game laden with heightened difficulty. 
Accompany your golf session with brunch at The Stove, and you’ve got a classic Anthem outing. Any successful rounds of golf can be rightfully celebrated at the famous Showboy Bakeshop.  

Things to Do

The calm of this peaceful community is driven by the beautiful natural aspects surrounding it. For most residents of Anthem, free time is spent outside enjoying the fresh air and buoyant sunshine. Anthem Hills Park will likely become your favorite hangout when it’s time to lounge outdoors and clear your mind. Enjoy more active time outdoors at Sloan Canyon Petroglyphs Historic Trail. This national park contains hundreds of petroglyphic images noted to be from the archaic to historical eras in history. 
When your furry friend needs extended time outside, Esselmont Dog Park is the local go-to spot for dogs and their owners to socialize. Community shows, events, and gatherings are usually hosted at the Sun City Anthem Community Theater


The Clark County School District keeps the kids of the city educated. Choice schools are:

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